Drilling Specialties’ Greenbase™ HEC Polymer is a pure-viscosity hydroxyethyl cellulosic polymer suspended in glycol ether. The HEC used in this product is carefully chosen to provide the highest solution viscosities possible with this type of polymer. This HEC suspension is uniquely stable, easily handled and useful in both oilfield and non-oilfield applications. 

Greenbase™ HEC Polymer is 37% active will not experience the separation which is evident in other liquid products. It is not subject to settling or fluid separation under normal storage or transport conditions. Starting with an environmentally friendly fluid and utilizing our unique suspension technology, we eliminated settling of the pure HEC polymer solids while the product remains fully pourable. The long-term stability of the suspension provides for consistent, reliable product properties at your field locations any place in the world.
  • Easy to handle and mixes well in low shear rate environments
  • Works well at any salinity
  • Increases carrying capacity of fluid
  • May be poured down drill pipe
  • No “fisheyes”
  • Extremely stable suspension
  • Highly effective viscosifier
  • No preservative needed
Technical Data Sheet
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