GREENBASE™ HE® 150 Polymer


Drilling Specialties’ HE® 150 Polymer is a high viscosity synthetic polymer that is useful in thickening hydrochloric acid, brines or fresh water. It shares the excellent high temperature stability found in the previous DSGA Polymer, yet provides greater efficiency by producing more viscosity with each pound of polymer. HE® 150 Polymer may be purchased as a dry polymer or as a liquid packaged as a concentrated particle suspension in order to reduce dusting, speed hydration and enhance field handling. Greenbase™ HE® 150 Polymer is particularly effective as a friction reducer in fresh water, various brines and in hydrochloric acid and has been widely used for that purpose.  


Product Descriptions
There are currently two suspension formulations available, both having unique properties and advantages. The Greenbase™ HE® 150 Polymer is a suspension of polymer in glycol ether. This formulation provides a number of advantages, including;

Ease of handling – Applying the polymer as a liquid suspension provides for efficient dispersion of the particles in the treating fluid, without dusting or lumping. The Greenbase™ HE® 150 Polymer also allows the product to be easily poured out of a bung and for metered the polymer during continuous mixing operations.

Rapid polymer hydration – The Greenbase™ HE® 150 Polymer disperses readily in aqueous fluids, allowing the suspended polymer to dissolve and produce viscosity quickly. 

Lack of sheen – Because the glycol ether base fluid is fully miscible in water, no sheen is formed.  

  • As an acid viscosifier, for reducing fluid loss, extending acid spending time and improving stimulation results by increasing live acid penetration
  • As a thickener for Slick Water Fracturing
  • As a friction reducer for acids and brines
  • As a thickener for fresh water or brines in workover and completion operations
  • As a thickener or aqueous lubricant for use in pipeline, fiber optics and related drilling and placement
Technical Data Sheet
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