FLOWZAN® Biopolymer

Flowzan® Biopolymer is a high-purity, high-performance xanthan gum biopolymer utilizing unique, patented dispersion chemistry which significantly enhances product dispersion and solubility and reduces the formation of fisheyes. 









  • Excellent viscosifier – requires less material than other xanthan
  • Excellent suspension characteristics and rheology control
  • Produces shear thinning fluid for optimum penetration rates
  • Performs well in fresh water, seawater, brine and saturated salt environments
  • Rapid dispersion without fisheyes
  • Minimizes formation damage
  • Helps maintain the integrity of cuttings
  • Reduces circulating pressure losses
  • Effective friction reducer in coil tubing applications
  • Thermal stability to ± 270 °F in fresh water applications
  • Thermal stability to ± 320 °F in saturated salt water
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