Dristemp® Polymer is a white, free-flowing synthetic polymer designed for high temperature drilling environments. It is compatible with all commonly used materials in water-based drilling fluids and is used for high temperature fluid loss control and inhibition of cutting and shales.

In typical fresh and saltwater muds, Dristemp® Polymer performed well up to 375 °F in lab testing and has shown excellent performance in formate fluids above 400 °F. In field muds, thermal stability might be expected to be higher. For very high temperature fresh or salt water applications Dristemp® Polymer partners well with Driscal D Polymer, and should be phased into the system starting at around 350 °F. 

  • Works well at any salinity
  • Reduces differential sticking tendencies
  • Is calcium tolerant to 5,000 ppm
  • Temperature stable to 375 °F (190 °C)
  • Can improve thermal stability of whole mud system
  • Non-fermenting
  • Helps maintain the integrity of cuttings
  • Inhibits hydratable and sloughing shale
  • Increases the effectiveness of solids-control equipment
  • Hydrates quickly without forming “fish-eyes”
  • Improves drilling fluid suspension properties compared to other competitive 
  • igh temperature materials where barite settling can be an issue
  • Works well in formate muds

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