DRISPAC® Polymer

Drispac® Polymers are high-quality Polyanionic cellulose polymers. They are used for inhibition, water-loss control and viscosity in water – based muds. 
Drispac® Polymer comes in two viscosity grades: Drispac® Regular Polymer (high viscosity) and Drispac® Superlo® Polymer (medium viscosity).
  • Control fluid loss
  • Promotes fragile gels
  • Inhibits hydratable, swelling shales
  • Increases resistance of clay muds to contamination
  • Non-fermenting, no preservative needed
  • Good thermal stability to ≥ 300 °F
  • Produces thin, slick, tough filter cake
  • Environmental compatible
  • Retards drilled solids build-up by inhibiting cutting disintegration
  • Reduces friction and can reduce ECD
  • Works well at any salinity
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