Drill-Well™ D244 Fluid Loss Additive

DRILL-WELL™ D244 Fluid Loss Additive (FLA) is a proprietary polymeric product used for fluid loss control in oil-based drilling muds (OBM) including mineral, diesel and synthetic oils. DRILL-WELL™ D244 FLA is a liquid product composed of 50% active component in a diluent mineral oil that is compatible with OBM fluid systems. The product blends easily through a standard mud hopper or may be added at the return pit to ensure even distribution throughout the system. It is recommended that this product be bled slowly into an active system for optimum distribution throughout the mud system. DRILL-WELL™ D244 FLA works in both low and high temperature drilling fluids is highly effective at low concentrations and may be added at a mud plant or rig site. The viscosity of the product is quite similar to some oil based drilling mud emulsifiers and should be blended in over a complete circulation depending somewhat on what concentration is being added.
  • Works at low concentrations of 2 to 4 ppb of liquid to substantially reduce the HTHP fluid loss values 
  • Is rheology neutral and does not thin the drilling fluid 
  • Shows good thermal stability in testing to 176.7 °C (350 °F) for high temperature/high pressure (HTHP) fluid loss control
  • Provides increased electrical stability (ES) as shown in testing @ 65.6 °C (150 °F)
  • Works better than other polymeric fluid loss additives sold into the market today
  • Works in oil muds of any density
  • Mixes easily at the mud plant at ambient temperatures or on the drilling rig, no high shear required
  • Is compatible with most other commonly used drilling mud additives
  • Is compatible with Drilling Specialties DRILL-WELL™ D294 Flat Rheology Modifier
Technical Data Sheet
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