Comparison of Desco® Deflocculant and CF Desco® Deflocculant

Chrome-Free Desco® Deflocculant performs almost as well as regular Desco® Deflocculant for controlling rheology in fresh water mud, as shown by the data below. Both thinners were tested in very high-solids laboratory mud designed to show differences in thinners. Note that the base mud properties are far from typical field mud properties, thus a higher concentration of thinner than is normally used in the field is required.

  Yield Point
lb/100 ft2
Gel Strength
lb/100 ft2
Shear Strength
lb/100 ft2
 Initial Results
Base Mud* 29 30/84 -
CF Desco® Deflocculant** 10 1/17 -
Desco® Deflocculant** 9 2/9 -
 Aged 16 hrs @ 176º F
Base Mud 25 5/43 -
CF Desco® Deflocculant 11 1/3 -
Desco® Deflocculant 8 2/2 -
 Aged 16 hrs @ 300ºF
Base Mud 51 27/71 360
CF Desco® Deflocculant 17 5/20 160
Desco® Deflocculant 9 1/3 125
* Diluted P95B5F mud consisting of 47 g bentonite, 235 g P95 rotary clay, and 562 g barite per 1.000 ml of deionized water. pH initially adjusted to 10.5 ± 0.1. P95 rotary clay simulates drilled solids.
** 2.0 pounds per barrel of thinner

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